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These are the posts that are accumulated in our weekly newsletter which goes out throughout the school year. The posts are organized by the major units in our Constitutional Law (5th ed.) student textbook

I.          Introduction to Law, the Constitution, and the Supreme Court [See TOPICS 1-10 in the 5th edition of Constitutional Law] Some recent articles that are relevant to this unit

Surveillance Court Wants ACLU Standing Reviewed ]:se/com, 1/8/18]: The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has asked a review panel to rule on whether it is legally allowed to consider the merits of the American Civil Liberties Union's request to fully unredact several declassified court opinions, after its judges recently split on the issue.


II.         Defining the Political System: Federalism and Checks and Balances [See TOPICS 11-15 in the 5th edition of Constitutional Law] Some recent articles that are relevant to this unit:

Oil giant ExxonMobil counters climate-change suits by San Francisco, other governments [SF Chron, 1/8/18]: Oil giant ExxonMobil has launched a counterpunch to the lawsuits filed by San Francisco and other communities that seek damages for climate change, alleging that the California jurisdictions conspired to vilify and taunt the oil industry. 

The American Presidency [TOPIC 15_]

Is Trump mentally fit? Don't count on his physical to tell you [POolitico, 1/8/18]: If President Donald Trump were any other 71-year-old — covered by Medicare and having his annual wellness visit — he'd be checked on his cognitive functions and possible safety risks. But when the president goes for his physical exam Friday, the White House said his mental fitness won't be tested. Dan Diamond and 

Trump Overstates Size of Tax Cuts in Speech to Farmers [NY Times, 1/8/18]: President Trump delivered an economic victory lap during a speech to farmers on Monday in which he vastly overstated the size of the tax cuts passed by Congress late last year and played up a rollback of regulations on American businesses

III.        The Political System: Voting and Campaigns [See TOPICS 16-20 in the 5th edition of Constitutional Law] Some recent articles that are relevant to this unit:

IV.       Cminal Law and Procedure (4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th amendments) [See TOPICS 21-28 in the 5th edition of Constitutional Law] Some recent articles that are relevant to this unit:

Justice was served in GPS tracking case ... by accident: An odd decision on warrantless GPS tracking doesn't offer much clarity Cour [Arizona Central, 1/9/18]:
https://www.azcentral.com/tory/opinion/op-ed/robertrobb/2018Is this the future of an expanded Arizona Supreme Court?

Supreme Court cites juror's racism in death penalty reprieve [USA Today / Reuters, 1/8/18]:  zwhite juror's reference to Tharpe as a "n-----" and other racist remarks. "I have wondered if black people even have souls," juror Barney Gattie said in a sworn affidavit. The high court's liberals were joined by Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Anthony Kennedy in the unsigned opinion, which orders the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit to take the remarks into consideration in deciding Tharpe's fate.  "Gattie's remarkable affidavit — which he never retracted — presents a strong factual basis for the argument that Tharpe's race affected Gattie's vote for a death verdict," the court ruled. 

Supreme Court hearing 2 vehicle search cases [AP, 1/9/18]:   The Supreme Court’s justices put themselves in the driver’s seat Tuesday, hearing arguments in two cases involving vehicle searches, but it was unclear what routes the justices will take to resolve the cases.

V.        1st Amendment (Speech, Religion, Press and Assembly) [See TOPICS 29-33 in the 5th edition of Constitutional Law] Some recent articles that are relevant to this unit:

Nevada Supreme Court Rules Lower Court Erred In Disfavoring Religion in Child Custody Case [Newseum, 1/8/18]:The ruling supports the principle that courts must make child-custody determinations in the best interest of the child, showing neutrality towards religion, 

VI.       14th Amendment, Discrimination, Privacy, Working, Citizenship & Immigration [See TOPICS 34-41 in the 5th edition of Constitutional Law] Some recent articles that are relevant to this unit:

Hetero employees can't claim reverse discrimination when federal law doesn't shield gays, lesbians – judg [“On the Case” blog, 1/8/18]:  As advocates for LGBTQ employees push to reverse appellate rulings that they’re not protected against workplace 

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