Highlights for teachers, 2014-2015

Student texts and Teacher's Guides
Contact us to obtain the brand new, 5th edition, Constitutional Law student text in GoogleDoc format. (The come in two GoogleDoc documents.) Teachers may receive a free copy. For students, the price is an incredibly low $5 per student. Teachers provide CLEP with the email addresses (or "share" them on their own) and we will sent them out immediately to those email addresses and the students can immediately access the text. Also, check out the Teacher's Guides, also available as a GoogleDocs in seven volumes, for the teacher. These will be FREE to the teacher if at least one class set (30 or more) student copies are ordered. (Also, the teacher may obtain at a very low cost a CD with the multiple volumes of the Teacher's Guides, in both Word and PDF format, along with many PowerPoint presentations and other materials you will find very useful.)

For ordering information, go to our website at: http://conlawed.com/Product_Ordering.html 
or contact Rich Kitchens at 925-338-1858 or at conlawed@gmail.com.

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